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What do the FOI documents show about the PO and the Greenbelt?

"Many of the documents consist of emails between political staff and non-partisan bureaucrats on selecting properties for removal from the Greenbelt or expanding city boundaries to open up more rural land for development.

The documents are sprinkled with references to "PO" – shorthand for premier's office – in the days leading up to the official rollout of changes to land use rules in November 2022.

  • "PO wants this done," says a document that recommends allowing development on 29 hectares of land in the Oak Ridges Moraine previously classed as countryside.

  • An email from the housing minister's chief of staff Ryan Amato about approving the Nobleton properties for development says "po has asked me for a picture to make sure."

  • "Hi... I hate to do this... but this was sent to us from someone at PO," says an email from the housing minister's deputy chief of staff, asking for changes to the Peel Region official plan. "

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