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MPP Sabawy has sent us a flyer in our neighbourhood mail. How should we respond?

You can generate a complete pre-populated e-mail letter responding to MPP Sabawy by going here. Alternatively, write your own letter using the links further down this page. Below please see a copy of each side of the flyer and discussion questions and comments. How will you respond? Do you feel comfortable with what our MPP is saying or are you outraged?

We're in a Housing Crisis.jpg

Who are the victims?

Are the Developers the victims in this housing crisis?

Is the real estate industry not generating enough profit for its shareholders - is that the crisis?

Is housing a commodity or a place to live?

Are young families the victims in this crisis?

Isn't the real social issue, the lack of affordable homes for young families?

Are Mississauga taxpayers and Mississauga businesses the cause of the lack of affordable housing? 

Should businesses and taxpayers be punished?

Let's Fix It.jpg

What should be built and where?

Should we build units that provide no benefit whatsoever to the existing neighbourhood?

Should Developers build large numbers of small, high-end units that are not affordable and are not suitable for families?

Should existing thriving "Main Street" retail and services be eliminated?

Should existing taxpayers in the local community pay significantly more taxes to provide the infrastructure that should be the responsibility of the Developer?

Should we ignore and violate the years of building the planned community of Erin Mills?

Development Concept Plan.jpg
Concept Plan.jpg

Does the 4099 Erin Mills Parkway Development Application Illustrate Why Bill 23 is Disingenuous?

Should we eliminate thriving businesses that provide walkable shops and services to the neighbourhood?

Should we permit the Developer to maximize the number of small housing units?

The Developer does not appear to have produced a plan or given an undertaking to make the new housing family-sized, affordable, or supportive.

Should the Applicant use up the existing infrastructure with no payment by the Developer to assist the City and Region in building the needed additional infrastructure?

Should the City ignore heights, density, and planning of the existing well-planned neighbourhoods?

Who will pay for the additional classrooms, the additional electrical infrastructure, and the traffic chaos?

No one profits except the Developer and perhaps the real estate industry who can market the new units as a commodity.

There is no guarantee under Bill 23 that the Developer will turn increased profits into lower-priced or supportive homes for families.

Erin Mills South in Erin Mills New Town.jpg

Our MPP Sabawy Can Do Better

The Developer Can Do Better

Many years ago another Developer, Don Mills Developments Limted, put together a plan for “one of the most imaginative planned communities on the continent.” They built that community. Before and after they started building,  they planned and built for diverse housing:

  • Diversity of Environment

  • Diversity of Dwellings

  • Diversity of Tenure

  • Diversity of Housing Costs

They planned and built Erin Mills with high-density housing in specific places, medium-density housing in specific places, and low-density housing in specific places.

They planned neighbourhoods with walkable "neighbourhood shopping centres" and circular "finder streets" like Folkway Drive.

Why can't QUEENSCORP and MPP Sabawy work within the existing planned and built community?

Why can't they save our "Main Street" AND add some limited medium-density housing, consistent with the original plan, for medium-density dwellings surrounding neighbourhood shopping centres?

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