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Neighbourhoods of Erin Mills South

Erin Mills South northern half .jpg

Those of us who are attempting to save our "neighbourhood shopping centre" at 4099 Erin Mills Parkway need to have a clear understanding of the three original neighbourhood boundaries in the northern portion of Erin Mills South. The original developer of Erin Mills, Don Mills Developments Limited, planned its first  neighbourhoods in  Erin Mills South. The image above shows the three neighbourhoods of Pheasant Run 107, Arbour Green 108, and Olde Burnhamthorpe 109. The Developer originally contemplated two "neighbourhood shopping centres" for this area but later reduced it to one "neighbourhood shopping centre" at 4099 Erin Mills Parkway. The Iqbal Plaza therefore serves as a walkable hub for a food store, retail shopping, and essential services that have been our "Main Street" for 40 years. Please see the 3 yellow rectangles, at the top of the image below, that became Pheasant Run, Arbour Green, and Olde Burnhamthorpe. Note that planned high-density residential units were planned for the areas surrounded by red. Note that planned medium-density and low-density residential units were planned for the neighbourhoods surrounded by yellow. The two yellow rectangles south of Burnhamthorpe, east of Erin Mills Parkway, and west of Mississauga Road were neighbourhoods 101 and 106, initially called "Ivor Woodlands".  Over time, this latter area has begun to be called "Sawmill Valley". Please note that the east arm of Sawmill Creek was partly buried under Sawmill Valley Drive and that the two western branches of Sawmill Creek flow through Arbour Green and Pheasant Run. 

In planning our strategies for leaflet distribution, lawn signs, and asking for volunteers, we need to pay close attention to all of the neighbourhoods of Pheasant Run, Arbour Green, and Old Burnhamthorpe and to the whole area that has come to be called "Sawmill Valley". All of the images on this page are drawn from the 1969 book, Erin Mills New Town, which you can obtain at the Mississauga Library.

The original commercial area plan for Erin Mills contemplated a 25 acre Community Shopping Centre (purple in image below) at South Common surrounded by high-density residential units. The original commercial plan contemplated two 5 or 6 acre "neighbourhood shopping centres" for Pheasant Run, Arbour Green, and Olde Burnhamthorpe. One was planned for Glen Erin Drive at St. Clare School (see pink circle in image below). Another was planned for the area of St. Mark School north of the original Burnhamthorpe (now Burbank drive)(see pink circle in image below). When construction started the two "neighbourhood shopping centres" were combined into 4099 Erin Mills Parkway (see black circle in image below).

The areas between Erin Mills Parkway and Mississauga Road were known as neighbourhoods Olde Burnhamthorpe 109 and Ivor Woodlands 101/106 (including Sawmill Valley and Sir John's Homestead). The image below is an excerpt from one of the leaflets distributed at the Erin Mills Developments office in the location where 11 Division is now located.

Olde Burnhamthorpe and Ivor Woodlands image.jpg
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