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4099 Erin Mills Parkway  History, Erin Mills History, & References

  1. Videos about Treaty 22 from Heritage Mississauga, Oakville Historical Society, and Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation

  2. Map of the "Credit Indian Reserve" in Treaty 14

  3. City of Mississauga Perspective on Treaty 22

  4. About Arbour Green and Olde Burnhamthorpe Neighbourhoods in Erin Mills South

  5. Why We Live in Erin Mills

  6. Erin Mills: Already a Planned Community

  7. Technical References re "Age-Friendly Communities" and "Walkability"

  8. Parking Plan at 4099 Erin Mills Parkway

  9. Erin Mills in 1969 and History

  10. Modified Pinwheel Finder Streets Like Folkway

  11. Creative Techniques of Grouping Housing

  12. Pedestrian Traffic

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