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EMSRA is Nobody's Baby

Updated: Feb 5

The Erin Mills South Residents Association (EMSRA) was born in September 2023.

The proud parents included:

  1. members of the 4099 Opposition Group,

  2. members of the 4099 Erin Mills Focus Group,

  3. residents who signed the 2876 signature petition,

  4. residents who attended the March 1, 2023 meeting at Erindale,

  5. residents who attended the May 29, 2023 meeting at City Hall,

  6. residents who delivered flyers to their neighbours,

  7. residents who met with politicians,

  8. residents who placed lawn signs,

  9. residents who don't like the lawn sign, and

  10. a lot of donors.

These very different parents co-operatively conceived this child with the DNA of the petition resolution:

"A rejection of the development proposal OZ/OPA 22-25 W8 at 4099 Erin Mill Parkway"

Four awesome Incorporators / Interim Directors volunteered their time last Summer and Fall to raise EMSRA as a fiercely independent toddler, very different from their parents.

EMSRA's first step was to serve formal Notice on the City of Mississauga that this independent "limited liability"(note 1 below) corporation:

"opposes the OZ/OPA 22-25 W8 application, as filed, by

Queenscorp (Erin Mills) Inc., respecting re-development of 4099 Erin

Mills Parkway, Mississauga, Ontario."

EMSRA now has enough Board-approved, paid-up, voting members to hold an Annual General Meeting where new long term Directors will be elected. The new Directors and some continuing Directors will set the course for EMSRA based on the direction they receive from the voting members.

It is important to realize that EMSRA now has the tools necessary to:

"formally serve to unite and organize our community. It provides the formal structure needed to address our concerns strategically, legally, and politically, shaping the future of Erin Mills South."


"No matter what re-submission, appeal, or MZO option the Developer chooses, our

community will be ready and organized. We will have a strong, unified voice in any

process, ensuring that our concerns are heard and considered."

I'm not a Director of EMSRA. I'm only a member like you probably already are. If you've received a Notice of the Annual General Meeting, please attend and communicate your perspective to the new Board of Directors. What "Quality" and "Planning" do you expect in your backyard? Don't assume that this toddler will follow the expectations of any of their parents. EMSRA will chart its own course taking direction from conscientious residents of Erin Mills South who express their views as active voting and non-voting "members" of the corporation. (note 2 below)

Politicians at all levels can expect to hear from this independent entity very soon. This toddler hopes to attend Law School and learn litigation, advocacy, and negotiation.

For more information please visit The views expressed herein are entirely my own. I do not speak for EMSRA or its Directors.

Note 1: For more information on the meaning of "not-for-profit corporation" and "limited liability" please see

"1.2 Nature of a Corporation

In law, a corporation is an artificial person or a legal entity having an independent

existence, separate and distinct from that of its members. The corporation owns

property in its own name, acquires rights, obligations and liabilities, enters into

contracts and agreements and has the capacity to sue and be sued as would a

natural person."


[at 1.3:]

"As the corporation is a separate legal entity distinct from its members and has the capacity to own property, to sue and be sued, it affords limited liability protection to its members. This means that individual members are not personally liable in certain instances, for the corporation’s debts and obligations."

EMSRA is, however, a federally incorporated not-for-profit corporation, rather than a provincially incorporated not-for-profit corporation. EMSRA is not a charity.


"Non-profit organizations are associations, clubs, or societies that are not charities and are organized and operated exclusively for social welfare, civic improvement, pleasure, recreation, or any other purpose except profit."

Note 2: EMSRA Directors actions are bound by its Articles of Incorporation, its By-laws, and the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act.

If you have questions about EMSRA, the Directors have built a Frequently Asked Questions page with answers at

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