The following is an instrument used in the course of BAC or drug screening or analysis in Ontario, Canada. 

Alcotest® 6810

Made By:

Draeger Safety, Inc.

This Approved Screening Device is used by many police services in Ontario.

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This ASD is currently used in Ontario.

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Intoxilyzer®  is a registered trademark of CMI, Inc. The Intoxilyzer®5000C and the Intoxilyzer®8000C are each an "approved instrument" in Canada.

Breathalyzer® is a registered trademark of Draeger Safety, Inc., Breathalyzer Division. The owner of the trademark is Robert F. Borkenstein and Draeger Safety, Inc. has leased the exclusive rights of use from him. The Breathalyzer® 900 and Breathalyzer® 900A are "approved instruments" in Canada.

Alcotest® and DrugTest®  are registered trademarks of Draeger Safety, Inc. The Alcotest® 6810 and 7410 GLC are each an "approved screening device" in Canada. The DrugTest® 5000 is "approved drug screening equipment" in Canada.